Kik Hookup? We Have Better Choices

Kik is a mobile messaging app that was first launched in 2010. In September of 2019 they went through a massive restructuring and was almost forced to completely shut down before being bought by MediaLab which also owns Whisper, another anonymous social media app. Kik is free to use on both Android and Apple devices and is similar to Viber and WhatsApp but definitely has a wider range of internal apps and uses that differentiates it.

More than just a texting interface it is a social platform for connecting with individuals, groups, or brands easily, quickly, and anonymously. Kik users tend to be younger with the average age being around twenty. Kik has developed a poor reputation for protection against child exploitation due to the young age of the average user and the anonymous texting features. However, Kik still has multiple hundreds of millions of users across the globe and still retains some relevancy in a growing social media scene.

Can You Use Kik For Hookups?

Yes, Kik does have specific internal applications that you can use for seeking others and getting quick hook ups. There are three primary internal apps that the user can browse. These are the Match & Chat, Matcher, and Flirt apps. Here is a quick breakdown of each of the internal apps that could be used. They are free to use on the mobile application and work similar to Tinder. However, instead of matching you need to reach out to the intended user and just hope that they message back.

Match & Chat

The Match & Chat app requires that you have a developed profile on Kik’s webpage. As a registered user you can browse other people’s profiles and reach out to them for private chats. The profiles are divided by interests and demographics. This service is very similar to Tinder.


This app works basically the same as Match & Chat by allowing you to browse the profiles of Kik members with similar interests and likes. So, again, another similar app to Tinder.


The Flirt app is the closest cousin to Tinder. It is primarily focused around matching you with another user with the same demographics. It will try to match your age, and geographic location amongst other things.

There are different websites that can actually help you find users that match your profile and let them browse other’s profiles easier. So, you can use Reddit to find new and interesting Kik profiles. A site like Kikpals will help you locate and view Kik profiles. Tumblr also has a similar service. Kik Single is another way to find and view profiles.

But Is All The Work Worth It?

Let’s be honest here. You aren’t going to easily find someone on Kik to have a hook up or casual relationship. Why? That isn’t what the platform is used for. Just because the platform has a “Tinder like internal dating application” doesn’t mean that it is useful. The quality of the hook up site is directly related to the number of hot and interesting people. The more variety in type and age the more possibilities and chances to find your dream hookup. Kik is just not that service.

Do People Us It For Hookups?

Kik is used primarily by teenagers and younger 20 somethings for casual conversations and connecting over funny memes and situations. Most likely if you are using on of the dating apps inside Kik the responses will either not be serious responses to hookup or just flat out boring. Serious hookups and casual relationships require a level of serious sexual desire that just isn’t present on Kik. Kik may be a great place to have fun and connect with the Gen Z but don’t expect to find some sexual release. Your time is limited. Everybody’s time is limited. When you are looking to hookup or have a causal relationship you don’t want to be wasting your time reaching out to a ton of people on Kik with no responses. You need to use a hookup site where people are specifically going for the specific purpose of having a casual relationship. Treat yourself well, don’t use Kik if you want to find a partner.