Pure Dating - Things You Need to Know for Casual Relationship

In the modern times, you may notice the trend of looking for casual hookup rather than serious relationships among singles and even some married ones. Most people do not feel like that they want to commit to a relationship with a certain people. Instead, they are more interested in some kind of no strings attached fun and casual dating especially when they are young. There are always more options and excitement out there and they don't want to be tied in a serious relationship too soon. In other words, what they need is pure dating and casual sex fun rather than a marriage or a serious relationship.

What Is A Casual Relationship?

A casual relationship is different than a committed relationship. The most important nature in a casual relationship is no strings attached, both parties are free with no responsibility for each other. However, it is all on a spectrum. In general, a casual relationship is one with few rules and few emotional commitments. This includes a lack of time commitment as well. Is there a new fling? Is one person moving on? Is one partner just tired or bored? Too bad, it's casual. That is the nature, the excitement, and the fun of something casual. Here are a few examples:

  • One-night Stands
  • Flings
  • Swingers
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Hookups

Tips on How to Get Into A Casual Relationship

Getting into a casual relationship can be easier than you think. It doesn't need to be super formal. It could be meeting up at a bar weekly, or just a casual fun night out. Seeking them out can almost be a deterrent. Instead finding someone you mesh with sexually or socially is of vital importance. And the best places to seek some casual fun are the free casual hookup sites that work. If you want to get into a casual relationship the best way is to openly communicate with the people around you and be transparent with yourself. Here are a few tips.

  • Openly communicate your needs and thoughts and boundaries with your partner
  • Be honest with them and yourself on how you feel about the casual relationship
  • Make sure that you are on the same page for the relationship to avoid any misunderstanding. Such as one of the parties take it seriously.
  • Plan out what the interactions will look like
  • Discuss what form of communication is acceptable
  • Discuss and decide on if it will be public or private

How Do You Stay In A Casual Relationship?

Remember that it isn't just you in the relationship. There is another person in the couple or throuple or whatever. You need to respect those casual boundaries and your own boundaries. The only way to do that is to not only be open at the front end but throughout the relationship as things progress and change. Having fun in a casual relationship is the number one goal. Feel more fulfilled with the following few tips.

  • Stay honest with yourself at each stage of the casual relationship
  • Keep each casual encounter fun for everyone
  • Keep track of your emotions and your needs
  • Treat the other individual with respect and kindness
  • Don't involve too much emotion if you just want any casual fun

Top Casual Relationship Tips to Remember

If you remember anything from this article remember that you are in the relationship to have fun. No one goes into the dentist to have a root canal process because they enjoy it, rather, it is because it is medically required. So, when the casual relationship ends being fun, end the relationship. Make each encounter something special and something enjoyable. You both are together for a moment without responsibility or any exterior burdens. Don't ruin the relationship for yourself or your partner by treating it more than what it is. So, remember to stay light, stay smiling, stay happy, and stay respectful.

  • Do what is right for YOU
  • Don't be possessive
  • Don't dream about the future together
  • Focus on other priorities
  • No ghosting
  • End it like an adult
  • Even if it is private, let a few close friends know about it