TinderAlternatives - Tinder VS GrindrStraight

Here is a quick comparison of two trending dating sites Tinder and GrindrStraight which are revolutionizing in the world of dating! GrindrStraight is one of the top Tinder like dating site on TinderAlternatives.com.

Signup & Login process

The process of signing up on Tinder is like a breeze! All you need is Facebook account and few clicks. Once you continue signing up with Facebook, Tinder will automatically fill up your name, age, current location, gender from your Facebook profile and will also give you an option to pick up the same display picture. You can pick up pictures from your FB gallery or browse through your device. Tinder doesn't require any special effort of logging in as long as you stay connected with Facebook. You can change the settings anytime and log out from Tinder even when you are connected at Facebook.

Signing up at GrindrStraight is a conventional multi-step one time process which will take 10-15 minutes of your valuable time. You have to input your basic details to build your profile along with your sexual orientation and preference. You can create a username or login using your email address for your frequent logins.


Tinder could be accessed only through app until March 2017 when it launched its desktop platform. Currently, it can be accessed both via desktop and app. The feasibility of app (dating in your pocket) can't be undermined. GrindrStraight can be accessed only via desktop or mobile browser. It doesn't have an app but the mobile version of this website is quite crisp and condensed.

Hook-up Style

Tinder is meant for both casual and serious hook-ups! Here you may find people looking for true friendships, soul mates, one night flings, casual engagements, romance, love, sex, companions and friends with benefits too!

GrindrStraight is a sexually stimulating dating site and the members at this website are mostly who are inclined towards casual and one night flings. All the features of this website build up a completely non-judgemental and sexually unrestricted environment. The images and videos posted here are generally provocative in nature as they are meant to attract and stimulate arousal for sex sessions.

Age Group

Tinder was initially launched as a website meant for College students and young blood that are looking to have companionship. But gradually its demographics have expanded and the user base now consists of people from all age groups. People above 18 years of age are welcome to be members on Tinder. Tinder boasts of some of the successful love stories for matures singles above 59 years of age as well. So as they say, age is not a bar at Tinder.

At GrindrStraight, you would find people who are actively or passively inclined towards sex! They can be of any age group but it mostly hosts members in young age groups.


Both the websites offer free basic membership. For advanced features, Tinder offers membership for users aged 29 or less at $9.99 and $19.99 per month for users who are 30 or above per month. Per month premium subscription charges for GrindrStraight are $20 per month and $180 a year (offering 25% of savings).

Registered Members

Tinder has more than 25 million (that's really a huge count for a platform launched in 2012) members. GrindrStraight was launched in 1996 and has 33 million members.