What Does NSA Mean on Tinder Like Dating Site?

If you are trying online dating with Tinder, you may often see the word NSA. There are also many other sites that you may catch its appearance on, such as Craigslist, Grindr etc. Here on these kinds of sites you can look for hookups without feeling ashamed. If you look up online, you may find the definition of "NSA" as "National Security Agency". Obviously, this explanation does not sound right here. Then what does NSA really mean on those kinds of dating sites?

What does NSA mean on dating sites like Tinder

Let's get to the point at the very beginning. In the dating industry, NSA stands for "No Strings Attached". It means you are allowed to be with a person only for the sake of physical pleasure. As soon as you start to catch feelings, it's time to get up and go! When you are in such a relationship, you are limited to sexual interaction only, and you can date and sleep with others as well(as long as you practice safe sex). And that's why you can often see this word on hookup sites rather than a serious dating site.

For the most part, acronyms have become such a part of our daily lives that they sometimes make complete words on their own. As far as the NSA is concerned, it means the no strings attached relationships. So what does it mean when someone has mentioned it in an online dating site?

In this kind of relationship, no emotional attachments are expected. Individuals hook up, and as soon as they are done, they go about their ways. It allows both people to sleep with anyone they want. In short, it is not a relationship at all! It is a way for those to seek pleasure, which is not willing to make commitments or are not willing to be in a long term relationship with someone. There is no guilt or obligation involved as well, so you can end it whenever you think is appropriate without having to give any solid reason.

Other acronyms in online dating you should know

As I have mentioned, acronyms are now a part of our daily speech patterns. They have made their way into the world of online dating, too. So here is a bunch of acronyms that you might come across.

  1. 1. ONS. It stands for One Night Stand. It straight up says that you meet a person, spends a night with them, and have nothing to do with each other later on.
  2. 2. DTF. When expanded, it means Down To Fuck. No buttering, no establishing emotional bonds, no getting to know each other. Just meet up, pants down sort of situation, you know.
  3. 3. MBA. It is short for Married But Available. For the naughty ones. Try not to get beat up if her husband discovers you both, though. Or vice versa.
  4. 4. W4M/M4W. They are the acronyms for Woman for Man or Man for Woman. Another simple hook up situation. No getting attached.
  5. 5. FWB. It is the short form of Friends with Benefits. It is the situation where you stay friends, but at the same time, enjoy some sexual benefits. Then again, there is no seriousness involved. So you are not allowed to date the friend you are benefiting from.

Final Words

More and more people are stepping into the online dating scene nowadays, regardless adults that are young or old. And whenever you are new to a place, it takes time to get used to and get familiar with all the slang used over there.

If you are the fun seeker, be sure to go on the hookup site which will help you end up getting a sexual partner, for the physical fun only. However, if you are looking for something serious, it is probably best not to probe into any of this.