Why Launching Site Like Grindr For The Straights

There has always been a debate as to why there is no dating app like Grindr but for the straights. The dating app Grindr launched in 2009. And it was specifically meant for the gay, lesbians and the transgender in the society. Up to date the dating site has grown and has been so successful to an extent that the straights have often wanted a similar app for themselves. Many other dating apps launched successfully but none beats the Grindr. Not to worry anymore Grindr for the straights is here with us. With all those features that made you wish to switch sides, it is here for your pleasure.

Grindr was built around the need for quick casual hookups. Those that just happen for the sake of getting the juice flowing and then no strings attached. Critics often got to troll the site with the stereotypical arguments that gay men and lesbians were promiscuous in nature and hence they needed such a site where they could get any manner of casual hookups and then move on with their lives. However this being just some stereotypical BS, even the straights have fidelity issues hanging around their necks.

This has therefore prompted the launch of Grindr for straight people. It is a website where straight people meet for typically casual hookups. The world of sexuality has evolved and many things are happening behind the curtains of a relationship. However, it is understandable that there is the untamed side of every human being. When that side is of sexual desires with a person of the opposite sex, then Grindr for the straight has your answer.

What do you need to join Grindr for the straights

The site is free to register and open to anyone within the age of sexual consent. Before you register you must know that is meant for pure hookups. Register on www.grindrstraight.com and fill out the required fields to give a brief personal bio.Much like the original site, your most recent picture is required while the site collects others pictures from your other social sites like Facebook if you allow.Grindr operates in real time; you will be shown all the available potential hookups that are online at any particular moment in the order of their physical location proximity from you.

The best part comes in how it is simplified to use and getting a date has never been this easy. You can text and flirt with whoever you want to. If the other person also likes your profile it’s a sure sign that you both have hit it and then you can start a cam chat and arrange a date.


Casual dating has never been this simplified. You just have to sign up and enjoy the endless world of people who just want to hook up and go on with their lives. Gone are the days when sexuality was tamed and anything beyond the norms was termed promiscuity. People are now experiencing life out there and it is your turn to live the life that you desire. Finding a hookup is just at your fingertip with Grindr for straights.