An Insight into the Current Hook-up Culture

It was somewhere in the early 20th century when the hook-up culture started making itself known. And by 1960s, the younger bunch of adults gradually started enjoying independence from the keen, watchful eyes of their parents and guardians. And they went for meeting new people at bars, restaurants, blind dates, parties etc. When they found someone attractive, they did not wait to take them home and wait for their parent's approval. In fact, they indulged in pleasure right then without any commitment of loving each other forever.

Change in outlook over the times:

Today, the culture is lot different from the past times. And in this, the media has a huge role to play. Discussing or involving in sex or love making is no longer a taboo nowadays in the society. We all see that media has taken it up on themselves to teach people the truth of sex education. All of a sudden, there are a lot of posts and videos for sex education appear everywhere. Then hook-ups, casual dating, one night stands, and friends with benefits have blown up in volumes. This is mainly because of the positive response that it received from the young adults of our generation.

What's more, the modern technology makes "search for someone" even more easier. Rather than always waiting for a friend to set you up or visiting a bar or restaurant to looking for a potential partner, you have a better option. The world of social media has come up with hookup site. On this kind of sites, the moment you feed in your information and location, you will be shown a list of suggestions and their details. And then all you need to do is to choose the best match according to your own criteria. Obviously the other person too enjoys the same discretion. And if both of you agree on each other, you are good to go! You can go on a few dates, get to know each other, become friends or hook-up, the decision is yours.

The benefits and detriment of the hook-up culture:

With the world rapidly changing each day, it has been found out that the majority of youth prefer pure sex hookup to long-term, committed relationships. Studies have shown that the reason for this is the freedom of emotional baggage. People would like the opportunity of exploring more and more people with variable personalities. They also seek a sort of relaxation and excitement that it brings with itself. Although, there is a certain percentage of people who have also regretted their hookups; the reason can be anything from the negative emotional upsurges to an even deeper reminder of the bruises of their past relationships that they were trying to rub off at the first place or even unwanted and unsatisfactory sexual experience from their partners.

An overview of the trending culture:

Apart from the perks of non-committal relationship, there are a number of ill-effects that the hook-up culture has. Like the feelings of being unwanted, peer pressure, anxiety about their performance on bed, terrors of low-investment from the partner, guilt or development of strong feelings for the partner after the hook-up even though the opposite person does not feel in the same way. Latest researchers have found out that a lot of the casual relationships are the results of giving in to the frustration of not finding romantic love. Or the result of an act committed under constant peer pressure. And in some cases it even owns the capability of ruining the emotional stability of one or the two partners involved. No matter if you are into this kind of hookup culture, you should always keep your dating a safe one.