Why more people want pure sex rather than a relationship?

An easy answer to the question in title could be 'No Strings attached'! Relationship comes with responsibilities, duties and expectations whereas if two people only want sex then there is a probability that they just want to be 'friends with benefits'! But there is other side of the coin! Sex is obviously one of the connecting strings in a couple and it is true that people want pure sex rather than a relationship. Here is a deep insight into why people want pure sex rather than a serious relationship.

If you also believe in pure sex rather than a relationship, then this post is for you. It will make you think what silent objectives you can happily achieve without even thinking about those! So, read through and find out if you feel connected to these fewer known facts!


Sex can be attached to bond of trust. If two people are making out and getting naked in front of each other then this shows the level of trust they share. The trust could be complemented with lust and desire to go physical but the level of trust that you share during sex is incomparable. There are studies which prove that a couple who is good in bed shares a stronger bond as compared to others. So, it can be said that sex acts as a foundation of a trustworthy relationship.

Mode of communication

Some couple prefer to speak before, after or during sex. It could be about sex or about anything else. It is said and believed that a human being opens oneself without clothes. He/ she is a different person in front of the world but when they are in bed, they are themselves! They communicate with open thoughts and express their feelings. It is that time when they feel safe in someone's arms and share whatever they feel like. People want pure sex to understand their partner. It is a mode to connect to the soul of other person which is pure and serene than mere words!

Triggers love connection

80 out of 100 people fall in love with their sex partner. This is something which the theories say! This means that people want pure sex because they somewhere know that it can help them in finding their love connection. What happen to other 20% of population? They continue to find their love partner until either they find one or give up on their sex life! You might not know but you may eventually fall in love with one of your sex partners. Let's not call it a relationship as it could be too early for you to tag it such, but it can trigger few seeds of relationship.

Expression for love

Sex is like expression of love and affection. It is not tender rather it is wild and enthusiastic, but it is other form of showcasing love and feelings towards someone. Having sex is equivalent to having few moments of love with your significant other.