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Pure Dating - Things You Need to Know for Casual Relationship

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Tinder Profile Tips for Men and Women Who Are Seeking for Casual Hookup

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TinderAlternatives - Tinder VS GrindrStraight

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Why Launching Site Like Grindr For The Straights

There has always been a debate as to why there is no dating app like Grindr but for the straights. The dating app Grindr launched in 2009. And it was specifically meant for the gay, lesbians and the transgender in the society. Read More

How to Get Laid on Tinder Like Apps

Those who are still dating or looking for casual hookups are well familiar with this dating app Tinder. It is a popular app where matches are made by either swiping right to indicate interest and left to decline. Read More

How to Turn Casual Hookup into Meaningful Relationship?

A casual relationship may keep your hands full at the moment but turning it into a meaningful relationship could be more than you are ready for. Read More

Rules to Follow If You Want to Keep the Relationship a Casual One

Casual relationships have become increasingly popular over the last few years as more and more people are focusing on their carriers instead of... Read More

Looking For Free Hookup Sites That Are Actually Free? You Need To Read This

There are now many ways on how individuals can meet, date and connect with others and one of these is through online dating and hookups. Read More

How To Find A Quick Hookup

The world is categorized as global village because of internet and digitization. Everything is just a click away! Internet is...Read More

Why more people want pure sex rather than a relationship?

An easy answer to the question in title could be 'No Strings attached'! Relationship comes with responsibilities, duties and...Read More

What Does NSA Mean on Tinder Like Dating Site?

If you are trying online dating with Tinder, you may often see the word NSA. There are also many other sites that you may catch...Read More

An Insight into the Current Hook-up Culture

It was somewhere in the early 20th century when the hook-up culture started making itself known. And by 1960s, the younger bunch...Read More

Talk to Strangers Online – The Do's And Don'ts

Maybe you have no idea that since when talking to strangers has become a hot trend. But we can't deny its popularity since the data...Read More

Sniffies for Straight – Make Hookup Happen for Straight People

We can not deny the fact that gay dating is growing fast and it becomes more and more popular. And because of that, there are many great...Read More

Craigslist Dating? Better Alternative for Casual Hookup

If you are a loyal customer of Craigslist website, you may be aware of the fact that Craigslist had a most hot section called Personals.Read More

Kik Hookup? We Have Better Choices

Kik is a mobile messaging app that was first launched in 2010. In September of 2019 they went through a massive restructuring and... Read More